Best Leather Repair Kit

Leather is an excellent material to use for upcycling, and it’s an important resource that can easily be restored using one of the best leather repair kits. 

Rather than throwing away furniture or clothing made from leather (or vinyl) it can easily be restored, using a leather repair kit, or patch.  The difficult part, is finding the right kit to suit your product. In this article we are going to look at the different restore kits available, to find the best leather repair kit, for your next project!

The first stage of restoring leather or vinyl, is to distinguish what’s wrong with the material in the first place, what’s making it look old or worn? 

Here are some common culprits…

Why use a Leather Repair Kit?

Dull Color

No matter the color of your leather, it’s pigmentation can fade over time, and wear away in places of heavy use. Take for example, a black leather jacket – the color can start to fade at the arm crease. For this you will need a Leather color restorer

Blemishes and Impurities

Another common cause of damage comes from spillages or chemical leaks, which often cause impurities to leather furniture.

For this you’ll need one of the more complex leather repair kits. That said, it won’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The great thing about leather repair kits, is that they’re extremely easy to use, cost-effective and can cover impurities with ease. 

Small Cracks

For small cracks, let’s say on a car seat, you will still benefit from a complete leather repair kit, like we discuss below. But you can also use sandpaper to reduce the indentation caused by the crack, before applying the colorant. 

Burns/ Holes

With the everyday use of leather and vinyl items, there are plenty of factors that can cause damage to your leather goods, such as rips from pets or cigarette holes. 

With a good leather or vinyl repair kit (usually the bigger and more complex ones, see below) you’re given everything you need to clean the surface, glue the hole and cover the blemish – leaving your leather looking brand-new!

Best Leather Repair Kits

Fortivo Leather Repair Kit

The Fortivo leather repair kit is great for covering blemishes and impurities on leather or vinyl materials and furniture. This is a no-heat leather repair kit, you simply cover the hole with a backing fabric and paint this using your well matched color.

This leather repair kit is great for matching to any type/ colour of leather that you’re looking to rework. The variety of bottles provides the opportunity to modify the filler’s shade and hue, to properly match your piece.

The pigment in each bottle is really strong, so a little bit of color goes a long way.

If you’re new to upcycling or have never restored furniture before, this is one of the best leather repair kits because it comes with color matching support, to guide you in finding the exact shade. 

Additionally, it comes with a thorough guide on how to use the repair kit, leaving less room for errors.

Quick Company Furniture Leather Max Mega Kit

vinyl repair kit

This product is an all-encompassing repair kit, as it comes with everything you need to fix tears, blemishes or dullness. Firstly the repair glue, to fix holes in your material, use this sparingly and follow guidelines closely. 

Rather than mixing colors to find your hue, this kit can be purchased in a specific color, the shade can then be altered using the white and black colors provided. It’s advised to spend a decent amount of time going through the colors, you can even purchase a 1-ounce tester bottle before buying the mega leather repair kit.

Once you receive your color, test it using a Q-tip, on a place that won’t be noticeable. Once you’ve found your color match, you can begin the clean. 

You get a lot for your money with this repair kit, using the Leather Max Leather Cleaner Conditioner, you can thoroughly clean and prepare the surface for coloring, the 2 Oz bottle makes 12 ounces of cleaner conditioner. 

The leather repair kit also comes with a topcoat satin sealant, this prevents the color from transferring onto clothes, or wiping off. 

Leather Max Quick Blend Refinish and Repair Kit

If you like the look of the above product, but not sure you need all the bells and whistles, this max Quick Blend Refinish kit may be more fitting.

This is a simple, yet effective leather and vinyl repair kit, especially good for clothing and accessories, for under $20. This item comes with a 4oz refinish, color restorer, a conditioner, cleaner and a close pore sponge. Everything packaged here, is all you need to rework your leather by restoring color, and covering impurities. 

In terms of size, the bottles are pretty small and you may need a bigger kit if you’re reworking a 2 seater sofa. This will be perfect for a single armchair, or as previously mentioned, this is one of the best leather repair kits for clothing; jackets, bags, shoes or 

Unlike the previously mentioned kits, this won’t work at repairing and covering holes in your furniture, this is purely a leather or vinyl repair kit for improving the dullness of color and leather touch-ups. 

This is one of the best leather repair kits in terms of color choice because along with the standard browns and reds, this comes in the less usual, sand and grey.

Despite all the benefits of this repair kit, it doesn’t come with a leather cleaner. There are good articles available showing you how to properly clean leather. 

Leather Hero Color Restorer

This leather color restorer is great for repairing faded, scratched and worn leather to make it look brand new. This leather repair kit is purely a jar of color and a sponge for application, but for a simple repair job, it’s all you’ll need.

For more complex jobs, they also sell a top coat separately, which we would certainly recommend for bigger pieces such as car seats or couches.

The color is very well pigmented meaning a little goes a long way. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t rub off easily, an important factor when restoring leather and vinyl.

One reason why this is one of the best kits for repairing leather, is that it’s available in over 20 different colors including blue, cream, grey and brown. For more unusual shades of leather, this is a great repair kit.

The only downside of this repair kit is that the conditioner and top coat aren’t included. In our opinon, this doesn’t matter so much with a conditioner, but a top coat can be very useful when restoring color

Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit

This is another excellent leather and vinyl repair kit which comes in under $20. It’s easy to use and can restore scratches, peeling, holes and rips. 

Similar to other leather restoration kits, this one comes with numerous colors and requires you to blend these together to find the perfect shade (unless you’re lucky enough to match straight out the bottle!)

This is simple enough and with a bit of patience, can provide a quality looking finish. Sometimes the color will look right when mixing it, but then once you apply it can show up as very different, simply wipe the product off with white and adjust the color to match. 

The real benefit of this leather repair kit over others in the list, is the variety of colors you can use to mix, such as blues and oranges. If you’re working with an unusual shade of leather or vinyl, this repair kit will work great for you. 

Other useful Products for Repairing and Restoring Leather/ Vinyl

Leather Tape

If you’re like me and have a pesky dog that enjoys cuddles on the sofa.. tears, scratches or even holes in your leather, may be a familiar sight. In order to fix these holes you’ll need some form of adhesive to repair or cover the tear, this can be before coloring the leather, or you can buy it ready to match your furniture.

This leather repair tape is used for repairing patches on furniture such as couches, car seats, bike/ motorbike seats. The leather tape is thick but flexible, and can withstand months of heavy use. 

This particular leather tape is easy to apply and hardly noticeable if you match the colors correctly which is pretty easy with this product because there are over 35 different colors and shades. You can use the tape to seal holes of any size and cut it down into various different shapes. 

Just as you would with covering blemishes, it’s important to clean the surface properly before sticking the adhesive, a dusty or dirty surface will reduce the stickiness of the tape.

We find that leather tape is especially useful for repairing car seats. 

Leather Repair Patch

Masta Plasta Leather Repair Patch

This 8 x 4 inch patch is great for repairing holes/ tears or blemishes in your leather. One of the advantages of this patch is that they can be used to repair leather, suede, faux leather and other upholstery fabrics.

Unlike other repair patches, this is made with a thin material profile which can blend with your leather easily. The idea of this was to reduce the need to color match to an exact color, that said, this product doesn’t come in many colors, so unless you’re going with a basic color like black, white or cream, this leather repair sticker may not suit.

This product has been fully tested and lasts for years without the edges unsticking, when it does start to peel off it can simply be removed and replaced with the same product. 

The patches can also be cut down to size with a standard pair of scissors, to cover smaller areas, it’s recommended to have the tape at least 2 cm around the edge of the hole.

ONine Leather Repair Patch

Similar to the repair sticker above, this is a 8 x 11 inch leather patch which can be used to cover up tears and holes in your leather. There are a few differences between these two though, this one is available in over 30 different colors, meaning you’re more likely to get a match.

The texture and appearance are realistic, and should blend naturally to your furniture or clothing. It just needs to be cut to size, the material should be cleaned and it can be placed over the tear to cover it.

Benefits of Using a Leather Repair Kit

Reduce Waste

Reducing waste is one of the driving reasons for upcycling and reworking worn materials. Rather than throwing away your furniture or clothing because of a small impurity, a good leather repair kit will restore the product for years to come.

Save Money

The cost of leather is high, yet it can be tarnished very quickly. 

In most situations blemishes and holes can be covered, and materials can be worked in alternative ways to reduce the amount of money being spent on new products. 

$20 leather repair kits are extremely popular for covering marks or enhancing the color of your leather or Vinyl furniture, instead of restoring an impurity on a couch, for example, which will cost hundreds of dollars.  

Tips for Using a Leather Repair Kit

The surface of the leather or vinyl (or whichever material you’re using) should be wiped down to remove dust, and then fully dried. Adhesive or colorant will not stick to a damp or dusty surface.

This is THE most important stage of the process, a bad match may hide the blemish, but it won’t cover it. Ensure that you’re mixing the color in daylight as colors can appear to match in dim light, but really show up as soon as natural light hits it. 

If the color isn’t matching well, there’s nothing stopping you from wiping the color off the material and starting again. You have until the stain is dry to keep trying, so keep going until you’re happy.

Heat Vs. No Heat Leather Repair Kits

When repairing leather, some kits will require heat. Within these kits you are provided with a piece of textured paper which covers the tear. Once this is heated up (usually with a special electric heat tool in your kit) the tool pinpoints the heat and causes an instant cure of the repair compound. When cool, the grain paper is peeled off, and the repair is finished. 

This is an effective way of repairing leather, however can be more expensive and can sometimes lead to damage on your furniture or clothing. 

For that reason, we will be primarily discussing air-drying leather and vinyl repair kits in this article, as it’s what we prefer for upcycling. 

Thank you so much for reading our review of the best leather repair kits on the market. We hope that there is a product in there for you to repair your furniture or clothing.

If you need more tips or tricks, check out YouTube for step-by-step guides. Feel free to leave us a comment below with any tips or recommendations for our readers. 

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